Company Overview

Penologic™ is a strategy and management consultancy that specialises in co-creating solutions which exponentially impact our clients’ businesses and their people.

Our clients are business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs seeking to align their business strategies in context of accelerated change and technology developments keeping their customers and people core.

Our team of experienced specialists provide world-class insights and best-practices to inform economic strategies that are relevant and sustainable. To enable this, Penologic™ believes that the desired leadership behaviours and organisational culture achieves your customer and business’ mutual intent and purpose.

Through the access of a global team of specialists, Penologic™ deploys world-class leadership development, talent, change management, business-brand integration and strategic solutions.


Penologic™’s Vision is to create a movement that impacts the Massive Transformative Purpose of leaders through who we are so they can influence the fabric of communities to bring about a culture of value which rewards us in actualised purpose and results in wealth creation for all.

People. Technology. Change


Growth Through Meaning and Performance

Penologic™ facilitates new thinking paradigms which unleash the requisite agility to redefine strategic priorities, leadership behaviours, values and organisational cultures to thrive amidst the economic challenges of the 4th industrial revolution.

Our facilitative approach is a dialogue with shareholders, employees and customers, which lead to outcomes/deliverables that positively impacts all stakeholders to achieve your organisation’s purpose.

Our intentional focus to support people through facilitating a synergy that involves support and challenge as they embrace technology and change subsequently yields success. This success can be attributed to the relational responsiveness that exist when people tangibly experience that what is important to them, convergence in – measurable and purposeful action.

Our Methodology

PENOLOGIC™ systemic approach activates six streams collectively and simultaneously


Build an iconic and sustainable leadership brand that supports exponential business.


Formulate strategy, consolidate and align organisation through its values to stay relevant and on track (post engagement sessions under people stream).


Identify and develop leaders who create and thrive in exponential spaces, shift thinking to support and embed the 4th industrial revolution's new mindsets, values & behaviours.


Achieve exponential growth through people to engage and craft relevant solutions with impacted teams, customers, suppliers and the purpose communities: Nurture a conducive culture for exponential growth while acting on evolving technological developments.


Embed a disruptor mindset and continuously review; operational efficiency, enhancements, openness and business relevance. Support continuous self and market-driven innovation.


The Founding Story

Penologic™ is proof that partnership is the key to success.

Kgomotso Sekhute and Matt White, founding partners of Penologic™, first met in 2013 to explore the possibilities which Neuroscience can bring to leadership and talent management in the corporate context.

Three years later there was enough proof that not only is there value for large corporations to implement the Penologic™ thinking but emerging and small enterprise leadership would benefit from the people, technology and change that the founding partners blended in leadership and strategy design solutions.

What brought the founding partners together is their unwavering commitment to excellence, the passion to ignite greatness in others and drive to co-create impactful solutions within diverse, high performing teams.

Over the following 18 months Kgomotso and Matt deployed several integrated solutions as a consortium into organisations with great success and in 2017 Penologic™ Pty Ltd was founded to simplify the value chain for our customer partners.

Today, this bastion brings hope to people in a world where our collective futures merge.


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