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Board Advisory Services

“High performing boards are usually composed of a smart mix of executive, non-executive and independent directors” Sirdar, 2020 Africa Board Survey Report.

There has been extensive research and evidence to show how diverse boards (in terms of expertise and demographics) outperform other organisations with homogenous boards in terms of performance. This is applicable to organisations across the spectrum (privately-held, SMMEs and large corporates).
When one considers the multiple risks associated with poorly governed businesses, both in terms of business sustainability and the negative impact on the organisation’s reputation and ultimate survival from several examples across the world; one would expect that the business case for investing in corporate governance has been established.

Yet, most founder led businesses struggle with how to go about appointing boards, when to do it and sometimes are simply concerned about letting others in on their businesses out of fear of losing control or discomfort with the need to be held accountable by a board. This is a classic example of what is referred to as “the knowing-doing gap”, in coaching terms. It takes concerted effort to overcome self-limiting beliefs and assumptions about appointing a board of directors and openness to be guided by experienced experts to transition and subsequently grow a thriving, sustainable business.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, our team of coaches understand the internal turmoil experienced by company founders, when it is time to appoint boards of directors! Through our affiliation with Sirdar Group, “ a leading educator, appointer and guide of high-performance boards for privately held and family businesses”; we facilitate provision of a range of services to SMMEs and corporates looking to elevate their business performance, credibility and social impact. Combined with our comprehensive executive and team coaching offerings, we walk the path with business founders looking for trusted guides to take their businesses to the next level.