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Who We Are

Penologic™ is a Strategy and Human Capital Management Consultancy, founded in 2017.

We enable organisations to grow visionary and transformative leaders who deliver on their organisation’s strategic priorities with integrity and compassion.

Penologic™’s vision is to become a leading global, niche strategy and human capital management consultancy, with a team of 20 industry leader associates by 2025.

We aspire to be known as a brand that contributes towards business and digital transformation; regarded as a strategic partner for organisations driving meaningful and sustainable organisation culture change.

Our Service Offerings include:

1. Human Capital, People and Culture Solution Design and Implementation Support

Given that each organisation is unique, exists within a particular eco-system and culture, generic solutions do not work.

By leveraging the expertise within our client organisation teams (e.g. business operations, industry context, organisation culture), our team partners our client teams to identify business requirements and co-create optimal solutions to achieve  their desired outcomes and results.

How do we go about it?

a. We immerse our team in our clients’ organisation to observe, engage, listen and understand context and unique nuances that have kept our client organisations successful, as well as potential blindspots that may hinder growth and future success.

b. In partnership with our clients’ core Human Capital and Strategy Programme leads, we plan for and design solutions that address business transformation objectives.

c. We contract with our client Programme leads to ensure that client Change Champions take the lead, while our team guides and supports by leveraging our experience in business transformation, acquired at several industries.

d. Through ongoing design, testing, reviews and enhancements, we craft unique Human Capital solutions that leverage our clients’ wisdom, experience and technical expertise related to the industries they are part of.

e. To wrap up, we evaluate with our client partners to consolidate lessons learnt, which can be leveraged in future transformation initiatives.

 2. Programme and Project Management

In our rapidly changing business world, leaders often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of competing business initiatives; not certain what to prioritise and what to let go of. Without relevant training or passion for coordinating and tracking multiple projects simultaneously, most business initiatives get off the ground, yet are not seen to conclusion.

Our team of qualified Programme and Project Managers partner client Programme and Project leads to guide them through the design, implementation and ongoing tracking of business transformation initiatives.

When our clients let the natural conductors within their organisation, backed by ours lead business transformation initiatives; it frees them up to focus on what they are deeply passionate about, such as running businesses, finding and engaging key customers and stakeholders.

How do we go about it?

a. We facilitate dialogues with stakeholders, employees and customers to specify desired outcomes and results.

b. We help our clients scope, plan, design and implement Business Transformation and Change Management Programmes.

c. We co-facilitate core Project Team and Change Champion On-boarding and Capacity building.

d. We help our clients establish Project and Programme Governance structures and processes.

e. In partnership with our clients, we develop relevant Programme Management Strategies and plans to facilitate employee, customer and stakeholder engagement, communication, solution design and testing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

3. Senior and Executive Talent Search, Assessment and Placement

According to Bersin by Deloitte, the average cost per hire is $4000. From practical experience and studies, we know that it takes between 6 and 9 months before newly appointed talent truly unlocks value for their organisations.

While it is true that everyone needs time to settle into a new organisation and role, traditional recruitment practices may over-emphasise qualifications or past experience and overlook the potential impact of a newly appointed Board, Executive or Project team member on the collective performance and dynamics of the team they join.

By utilising a comprehensive assessment framework and accredited tools, we enable organisations to achieve person-role fit, by playing each person to their natural strengths, thus unlocking value for the organisations they join.

How do we go about it?

a. Based on the organisation’s stage of development and broader industry context, we identify key requirements of each role.

b. We conduct psychometric assessments to identify the short-listed talents’ strengths and potential blindspots.

c. We compile individual and team profile reports to highlight team strengths and development areas.

d. We facilitate team feedback sessions to illustrate how each team can leverage the diversity of perspectives and maximise their collective contribution towards the achievement of business goals.


4. Leadership and Team Coaching Packages: Maximising Team Contribution

Effective engagement and leadership of teams has become more complex since the impact of Covid-19. 

Not only has many organisations down-scaled; Leaders have had to rapidly adapt and come to terms with leading virtual teams.

We offer a range of customised team assessment, feedback and development sessions, to:

a. Help organisations play each team member to their strengths, based on natural energy.  

b. Facilitate robust and open conversations to build trust and create the desired organisation culture to thrive in the new normal.

c. Address systemic dynamics that impact team effectiveness, performance and impact.

Our offerings include:

4.1. Contribution Compass Assessments: For Individuals and Teams

4.2. Team Contribution Compass Report: How to maximise your team’s contribution to your organisation, customers and stakeholders.

4.3. Team Assessment Debrief and Feedback Session: 3 hours.

4.4. Team Development Plan

4.5. Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Sessions

Get in touch with us if you are:

  1. Planning or undergoing business transformation and restructuring.
  2. Planning a Merger and Acquisition, or are not deriving the desired results due to people and culture misalignment, post a Merger and Acquisition transaction.
  3. Looking for a strategic partner to co-create unique Human Capital strategies and solutions.
  4. Looking for Human Capital, People and Culture Strategies to serve as Non-Executive Directors on your organisation’s Board.
  5. Recruiting new Executive Team and Board members
  6. Putting together Project Teams for specific business initiatives
  7. Experiencing team conflict, which impacts customer experience, talent retention and business performance.
  8. A newly appointed C-Suite Executive or Senior leader looking for a strategic partner, to navigate your business or life transition.

Group Leadership Competency Framework | Leadership and Team Coaching | Women in Leadership Coaching Circles

Why we are different

To thrive in the new economy, companies must have organisational agility and adaptability. 

Our unique Penologic™ Systemic Transformation and Change Management Methodology, helps guide your teams as they orchestrate complex business transformation projects. 

Do not re-invent the wheel; let us as trusted advisors guide you through your next business transformation, leadership development or change management initiatives and ensure you succeed and achieve your vision. 

Penologic™ Methodology


We help you engage with people (employees, customers and stakeholders) in the systems you are part of, meaningfully.


We guide and help you drive digital transformation in a manner that keeps you true to your purpose and organisation culture.


75% of change efforts fail.
We help you succeed, through systemic lenses and multiple perspectives.

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