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Leadership & Team Coaching

Can you relate to this?

1. You have finally made it to the C-Suite or Boardroom, or established your business; which is fantastic!  

2.You have deep expertise in the areas that you have studied for and have mastered as a technical expert.

3. Yet, you have limited business acumen and know-how to navigate your new Director, Executive or Board Member Role. You acknowledge that there are new competencies to master, and some to unlearn, to be successful in your new leadership role.

4. This leaves you feeling anxious, under pressure to get up to speed & prove your credibility. The unintended consequence is that you may spend time in “your head” and not contributing in meetings.

6. While you are excited about your new role, a part of you feels like you are not quite where you would love to be, or that you might be mistaken for a token appointment due to not being comfortable in your new role.

7. Some self doubt thoughts pop into your mind from time to time: What if you accepted this role too soon?

8. The challenge is, how do you manage your inner voice/ internal dialogue, driven by self-limiting beliefs?

A comforting reality is that these thoughts are all part of navigating new territory! Which means, by tapping into your inner resources, and surrounding yourself with others who can support you, it is possible to get back in flow, just as you have done before. 


Led by Founder and CEO of Penologic, who has been providing transition coaching to senior leaders for 10 years; in partnership with a team of experienced executive coaches, this coaching programme will lay the foundation for how to achieve self-mastery, build new competencies required at your new corporate level, or as founder of a new business and step into your sphere of authentic influence.